Monday, March 15, 2010

ADSR5 Challenge #10

Today's INSPIRATION has been brought to you by
the sense of TASTE and the COLORS of the RAINBOW,
in all the BITS and PIECES around us.
(and tomorrow it will come from somewhere else)
This challenge was an "Intersection" like the ATC one earlier in the race.
Both partners work on one layout.
3 Scripts of Cassel's where used here:
New Bits and Pieces Script
Round Puzzle
4x6 Puzzle
Check out her shop HERE and see what other wonderful Scripts she has.
Other Credits:
Paper and bead spills: SDD_ADSR5_Mega kit
Fonts: Comic sans MS, Impact and Courrier
We thought that inspiration comes from just any bit and piece around us, whether it is color, taste, texture, sound and it never comes from the same place all the time. I did provice the food picture collage puzzle, and Cassel provided the bits of color picture puzzle.

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